Twenty-second Day

June 25

I scanned and edited the class of 1933. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I also reedited the class of 1918.

This is my last update for this blog. I enjoyed my practicum. It has given me a real taste of what working in an archives is and I am up for working in one as a career.

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Twenty-first Day

June 24

I finished converting all of the copies of files to jpg in the User folder. I edited the names from 1922. These were the names written in calligraphy. I labeled the files by each name and put them in a folder inside of the 1922 folder.

I found the yearbook from 1923 and identified the mystery student as Bronislaus Zdrojewski. I changed the file name and wrote the name on the back of the picture in pencil

Bronislaus Zdrojewski 1923

The End is Nigh…

Soon I will be ending my practicum and thus this blog too shall end. But I have started a new blog in the exciting world of Libraryland!

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Twentieth Day

June 22

I finished up editing 1924. I created the Master versions of the scans so I had to make copies for the User folder. I converted the copies of classes, 1918, 1922, 1923, 1931, and the unknown class year.

Nineteenth Day

June 21

I edited the class of 1932. I found the class of 1924 yearbook and identified the students. I began editing that class.